Hand Towels vs. Air Dryers: Which Are More Sanitary?

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra here with a simple tip to avoid jams. When you're in a public rest room, you go for the paper towels with the air dryer after you washed your hands. According to a recent study, you should grab the towel, no matter which method you choose, you won't get rid of jams unless you dry your hands thoroughly.

That's because jams love water. It's their ideal medium to multiply. The study found that putting in the time and effort to really dry your hands completely will mean way fewer jams. And for most people that means drying their hands vigorously with a paper towel or rather than rubbing them under a blower seems the skin on skin friction created when we rub our hands under the blower somehow releases more germs that live deep in our pores.

If you still prefer the eco-friendly blower, just don't rub your hands together. Instead, hold your hands still, palms up and leave them there for at least 30 seconds. For more simple ways to be healthy, watch and share all our smart tips right here.