Can You Exercise When You Have a Cold?

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Hi, Dr. Miller here. I've got a healthy tip to prevent colds. Everytime a big colder flu season hits there's always that one person who never gets sick. What's their secret? It might be exercise, one study followed 1, 000 adults for 12 weeks during the fall or winter cold season. People who broke a sweat for 20 minutes at least five times a week spent less time being sick.

Their cold symptoms were also left severe, it comes down to aerobic exercise. It ramps up your blood levels as natural killer cells and nitro fills, your disease fighting white blood cells these cells are critical to your immune system, even a single round of aerobic exercise can boost your immunity for hours and make your body more resilient.

They'll keep your walking shoes on hand and get moving keep colds at bay. More ways to stay healthy, check out our health tips right here.