Why Does My Knee Hurt When the Weather Changes?

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[APPLAUSE] Our next question comes from our station Fox 7 Austin, take a look. Dr. Oz I want to know why my left knee hurts as bad as it does when it gets cold and hot? Oh, it's a good question. A lot of you probably have that problem, don't you? If you can feel when the weather is about to change, right? What happens is driven by two factors.

The first is the barometric pressure. So when the pressure is dropping or rising depending what the weather is going to do, it will actually change the pressure on your knee. So the fluid that's in the knee will also be compressed as will the joints, and so when it's high pressure it will push the joint toward each other and things that were still barely making it by without being squished, those start to have problems.

Like your meniscus, or the cartilage of the knee. Likewise, when the weather changes, you can have a problem as well. When it's hot weather, the capillaries will open, and when the little blood vessel that carry nutrients to the tissues open up, more fluid can go in there. Sometimes that increases the fluid and they can actually change the amount of swelling you have in your leg.

So it's a pretty common phenomenon but doesn't have any major risks for the longevity of any of your joints.