What Is This Pain I Have In My Hip?

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My next star play is a mobster who's in the Italian restaurant business. The ironic part was that an undercover FBI agent who's assign to bring him down in his mob life actually became his brother, any ideas? Exactly right, they got him immediately. I'm talking about Sonny Corinthos from General Hospital joining us live [xx].

How are you doing DR. Oz? My mother loves you I just want to say that. Well, thank you very much. What's your question? I got a problem with my hip. I do a lot of running and boxing and a friend of mine said, it could be my sciatic nerve. So I get massages and whatever, but it's been going on for about a year now.

Hey, show me where it's sore. Yeah right there, you see that? Alright. So I said couple things can cause that pain, I guess, we share a common problem here because I have the exact same thing. So I know a lot of bad. Oh really? Yeah. It's called Piriformis syndrome. You sit down too long, if you do a lot of exercises in seated positions and I will show you I am going to show you a picture you will be able to see it as well.

And this is muscle that goes between top of your femur bone and attaches deep into the hip socket. You can all feel that little opening spot in the gluteus and it's then the little yellow nerve going past it is a sciatic nerve, and that's one of the reasons that folks think this is sciatic pain.

They think it's from their lower back in the spine but in fact it's actually from that muscle. So, I'm going to show you and exercise. We're going to do it together, is that a deal? I've got Alison helping out here. Hi Alison. How are you? Alright Morris so you're going to lean. How're you doing? With your right foot on top of your left knee, you got it? Right, good.

And then so you're going to take your belly button towards your calf, lean forward and push down on your knee. Now, that opens up that muscle, it stretches it you can imagine from the anatomy. Ouch. That opens up the hip, you got it? Alright, now pop up. As you feel it. Yeah, I feel it.

Alright, now we stand up Alison is doing it as well. We can do a runner's stretch, spread your legs out a little bit and then keep both of your legs facing straight forward and then bend your left me over your left foot. Okay very well, good. How does that look? Oh my God! Thank you very much for the question.

Alright. Bye, thanks. Say hi to mum thank you.