What Is Biopuncture?

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Joining me now is Dr. Lee Wolfer, the leading expert of biopuncture and Dr. Lee, Dr. Russ Greenfield. Dr. Wolfer, what is biopuncture? Describe it. Let me give you a definition of biopuncture. Biopuncture is an umbrella term for a series of injection-based therapies that inject natural products to relieve pain and inflammation.

What do we inject? Homeopathic remedies as you referred to, but more specifically also low dose botanicals, we also inject glucose, some of your viewers may have heard of platelet rich plasma where you donate your own blood products to heal an injury. So those are the common things we do.

Well I had heard that, though I didn't know that was in the umbrella term. So again, the use of biopuncture, just to make it simple the way we're going to talk about it today is talking about homeopathy, we've discussed those principles just a few moments ago. We take tiny doses of botanicals to help treat ailments, here are a couple of the common ones that we've shown before.

So you take this concept of homeopathy and then you marry it with acupuncture, so you put needles to the skin and you put them in very specific places so explain what acupuncture is and they will make us come alive. So let us talk about what happens when a needle goes to your skin then we'll talk about how acupuncture has a little differently so anytime you get anything penetrate through skin could be a needle, a sting it stains up little ripples of energy through vibration that's how you know you are having the needle there.

The thought about acupuncture you put those needles in lied along very special line of streams of energy, these radiant here map of them from the body are channels which energy fail to flow so an acupuncture hit these spots precisely, with biopunture the concept is that you put a little bit of a homeopathic dose or some other botanical chemical n there and inject it in into these spots so you get double or more of the benefits, the question that becomes can you use these acupuncture points as places of entry for use of medications.

So instead of me just putting in your arm or any other place in your body or giving it by map they go to the entire body, could it go into a precise location that might have ripple effect going up to the rest [xx] I would emphasize biopunture is a very new treatment. The medical world is just trying to figure out what type this is and there are a lot of doctors who are saying not so fast, hold back [xx]in homeopathy just tell us about it, acupuncture you also understand and have talked about, what the problem we are just marrying the two and picking biopunture to the next level? Take a look we are already talked about the difficulty we are getting our arms around homeopathy from a scientific perspective.

How could something that almost has no remaining medication in it actually create an effect on the chromosome? Then you take a look at acupuncture, we actually have very good data suggesting how it works, so all that I'm saying is yes, this has promise. By virtue of the fact with your expertise that you've been able to help people, we need to look at this.

Myself. I wouldn't recommend it just yet until we know how it works and how safe it is.