What Can I Use to Ease Sore Muscles and Joints?

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I'm fine, Dr. Oz. [APPLAUSE] So you got a very inexpensive solution for pain that I have heard of but never seen. Very inexpensive, and this is a medicated herbal plaster and these are available again at healthwic stores, at drug stores, or you can order them online even at places like amazon.com.

You are going to demo it? I am, I would love to. And you can use these up to three to four times per day in any of the areas that we've been speaking about the body where pain is. So may be a sore IT band, the back, the neck. Carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel, let's put it right here.

Smells good. It does, it's that menthol and menthol salasolic, it's what is in this parch. And how long do you leave it out for? You can leave it on for a few hours, and like I said you can change it up to three to four times per day, just the only caution is if you won't use this over an area of the skin where there was any cuts or bruises, and or if their was any sunburn or burn on the skin, now don't use this.

And if you also use it over an area of skin where there's a little bit of hair, then it's easier to take it off after a bath or shower? [LAUGH] All right, I'll go take a shower, look at this. [LAUGH] It's very heating though, thank you very much. I really enjoyed having all the experts on today, wonderful advice.