To Cope With Fatigue, Give Into It

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. If you have a chronic condition like Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Multiple Sclerosis, fatigue is a symptom that's right up there with pain and inflammation. While pain can be relieved with medication and other treatments, fatigue is trickier to manage. Some people try to push through their exhaustion, but this can make other symptoms worse, and lead to even greater fatigue.

Here is a surprising way to cope. Give into it. Fatigue is your body's way of letting you know you need rest, and giving into fatigue, doesn't mean you're giving into the disease. Try these tips to get the R&R that you need. When fatigue flairs up, get 10-12 hours of rest each day, that includes night time sleep, brief lie downs when you're awake but you're resting, and daytime naps.

Learn to say, no thanks. You don't have to be on every committee, and attend every social function. Explain that you have a particular condition, and that part of managing it means not over exhausting yourself. I'm Dr. Oz. For more ways to feel your best, watch all of our smart tips.