Play It Safe When You Take Acetaminophen

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Hi. Dr. Kevin Soden here with an important safety tip about a popular over-the-counter painkiller. Acetaminophen. It's one of the most popular painkillers ever despite some bad press at times. Concerns about Acetaminophen range from liver damage and major recalls for contamination problems to disturbing links to childhood asthma.

But consumers continue to use acetaminophen because it's easier on the stomach than other painkillers. If acetaminophen is your preferred pain killer, be sure to use it safely. Never drink and take acetaminophen whether for a hangover or a head cold, it's too hard on your liver. And to avoid an accidental overdose, remember that acetaminophen is in many other cold and flu medications and painkillers.

If you're combining acetaminophen and other remedies, be sure to read labels carefully, even better, check with your doctor. I'm Dr. Kevin Soden. For more ways to protect your family's health, watch all our smart tips, right here.