How Does Biopuncture Work?

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There is a new alternative treatment that's gaining popularity it's called bio puncture and it combines homeopathic treatments with the principles of [xx] puncture. Believers say it can cure everything, from cramping to allergies. But is it safe and how does it work? It's a treatment so new.

It's only been around, 20 years. So radical. Only a few doctors are using it. Yet so simple. It might be growing right in your own garden. Botanical injection or bio puncture is a revolutionary therapy that uses fine needles to inject plant-based remedies like [xx] [xx] in to the areas that hurt you most.

Doctors who advocate bio puncture believe it works by stimulating your body's own natural healing process. At the for front of this movement is Harvard trained Doctor Lee Woofter who specializes in the treatment of joint and spinal pain.I've been seeing patients who have chronic pain for almost a decade.

My impressions of bio-puncture were I wish I thought of it. I finally felt I had tools that could effectively treat pain. I've been able to achieve results it was bio-puncture that I never could treat before. So many problems in medicine where people suffer for years and years, now I'm able to help them.

Okay Susan how're you doing? I feel just a little tint. Show me where. In this are right here. I was in a car accident a few years ago, where I had knee injury and I also fell off my horse a few times, so I had accumulated quite a bit of neck injury. The kind of pain I was having affected my daily life so extremely that my family didn't even want to be around me.

It felt like a dark cloud had settled over me. Dr. Wolfer immediately started addressing it, the relief was so immediate that I knew that this was going to be the right path and I have no pain at this point. I finally feel like, I'm a doctor I've always wanted to be this is the cutting edge in pain research and I believe they are going to make a radical difference in how we are able to help patients.