Even Comfortable Shoes Can Cause Foot Pain

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I'm Dr. Oz with a simple health tip. Are you always looking for comfortable shoes that won't hurt your feet? OK, you noticed you're clear of skyhigh stilettos, but you should also watch out for some of the comfortable flat shoes. Super flat shoes might seem like a smart option, but they can cause foot pain too.

In particular, watch out for ballet flats. Those flat ballerina inspired shoes that are so popular these days. They offer no support for your foot. So your ankle can tuck in or out too much, spending the day running around, and those can add a lots of foot pain. The same goes for another summer time standby, the flip-flops. They can cause plantar fasciitis, that's painful inflammation on the tissue, on the sole of your foot, also skip any shoe with a very pointed toe.

This can cramp your toes and cause painful bunions and hammertoes. A better option is a shoe that offers some real arch support and room for your toes. With a heel no higher than two inches. For more strategies to live pain free, check out more great Health Smarts right here.