Use Love for Natural Pain Relief

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with a natural pain relief tip. Just gaze in a picture of the one you love. In one study, gutsy volunteers were asked to rate the pain of moderate to high heat on their arms. They found it didn't anywhere near as much when they were looking at pictures of their romantic partners as it did when they gazed the photos of attractive acquaintances.

The romantic photos decreased activity in the brain's pain processing areas and lit up the reward pleasure centers, and here's a fascinating twist. Photos of loved ones worked even better than the real thing. When pain kicked in while volunteers were holding hands with their partners, the touch of their sweethearts helped, but looking at photos of their partners was the best pain killer of all. Researchers aren't sure why but it could be that the real life lovers aren't all that dependable on their ability to cope with the partner's pain.

Photos are a steadier presence. One thing is for sure, next time you're going to the dentist or facing a bikini wax, grab a photo of your honey. For more ways to stay pain free, watch all our smart tips, right here.