The Correct Way to Give a Child Medication

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman. Over the counter and prescription medications can help your child feel better when she's sick, but you want to play it safe. Here's how you can avoid dangerous medication mistakes. Read package labels very carefully, always use the dropper or medicine cup that comes with the specific medication you're giving your child.

When in doubt, call your Pediatrician about the appropriate dose for your child. Keep a written log of the time and the amount of medication given. This helps avoid an accidental overdose. Don't give more than one medication at a time without consulting your physician. Keep all medication safely out of your child's reach.

Finally, make sure all Care Givers are aware of the medication dose and when it needs to be given and ask them to keep track of any medications they gave to your child. I'm Dr. Altman, for more tips to keep your family safe, watch all our Health Smarts Videos right here.