Pets Are Good for Kids' Health

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Hi, I'm Dr. Tanya Altman with a smart tip for parents considering a pet. A family pet can be great for your kids well being. Dogs have an uncanny ability to protect kids from harm, and the benefits don't stop there. Daily dog walks increase your physical activity. Dogs are for affection and teach compassion and responsibility and they can teach kids to get past their me, me, me, stage of development.

If you're afraid you will end up taking care of your child's furry friend just know that a little pet therapy can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels consider this other helpful tips if you are on the fence about getting a pet. To prevent dog bites teach your children not to play aggressive games or wrestle with your family dog and never leave a baby or small child alone with the dog.

Choose an age appropriate pet for your kid. Don't get a reptile if your child is five years old or younger. Start with a gold Fish or Hamster and kids younger than ten years old will need help caring for a dog or cat. To prevent diseases teach your kids to wash their hands after touching an animal, it's cage or food and water dishes.

Use the pet child relationship as an opportunity to teach your child about respect for other living things. Finally enjoy watching your child forge a special bond with the pet that makes memories to last a lifetime. For more ways to raise a healthy family watch all our smart tips right here.