Is Your Kid a Cyberbully?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman, bullying is a big problem in school these days and it's also a problem on the internet. Cyber bullying can be done through emails, instant messaging, social media and on websites. It's especially nasty because its usually done anonymously. Cyber bullies spread rumors and give personal information out, about the person they are bullying and because it's sent anonymously, kids who would never bully another child in person, may give in to the temptation to bully in cyber space.

Here are some steps you can take to find out if your child is a cyber bully. Set up parental controls on any computer that your child uses, that includes tablets and smart phones. Get to know social media platforms and that means looking beyond Facebook and Twitter. Teens are more likely to use platforms like Tumblers, Snapchat, Feed and Vine with new platforms coming online all the time.

Set up an account for yourself on the social media platforms and friend or follow your child. Most importantly, monitor your children's internet use to make sure they're not being cyber bullied and if you spot signs of Cyber bulling, address it immediately. I'm Dr. Altman. For more ways to raise happy healthy kids, check out all our smart tips.