How to Treat Head Lice

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Hi I'm Dr. Oltman and I've got advice about a childhood woe every parent hopes to avoid. I'm talking about itchy, icky head lice. Fortunately, it's not really a health problem, but it's no fun either. Here's what to do if your child brings these little bugs home from school or a play date: treat it right away.

Once a person in your house gets lice, the critters can crawl on bedding and pillows, even stuffed animals and spread to every family member. Use an over-the -counter cream or shampoo, specifically designed to kill head lice. Follow the directions to the letter and make sure to leave on medicine for the recommended time.

Once you've treated the lice, wash all the clothes and bedding your child came in contact with in hot water, and dry them on a high heat settings. Make sure you come out all the nets or you may have a recurrence, and repeat the lice treatment in 9 days as directed. When the lights are gone prevent future infestations by teaching kids to avoid head to head contacts and not to share combs, brushes, hats, scarfs or earphones.

I'm Dr. Altman from more tips to take care of your family, watch all our health smarts right here.