How to Handle a Picky Eater

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Hi I'm Dr. Ortman. Parents often ask me what to do about there picky little eaters. Between the ages of one and five, kids typically start eating less because they aren't growing as fast as they were in the first year of life. And many will refuse to try new foods or suddenly reject foods they previously liked, or they want the same food over and over.

The good news is picky eating typically doesn't lead to poor health or nutritional deficiency. Here's some tips to handle your picky eater. Don't force your child to eat. Meal time will become one of the worst times of day if you do. Know that your child's likes and dislikes may change day to day or month to month.

Have faith in the lob averages. It's not unusual for children to have one good meal, one fair meal and one whole meal for a day. All of it ultimately averages out to a fairly decent amount. Make it a habit to offer healthy food and let your child eat as much or as little as she want.

This will avoid unnecessary meal time battles and encourage healthy eating habits for life. For more ways to nurse your child's health, watch all our smart tips right here.