How to Care for Your Child After Vomiting

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman here with tips to help your child recover after a bout of vomiting, once a vomiting seems to have stopped try giving in a very small amounts of clear fluids frequently, avoid solids and stick with liquids for several hours after the vomiting has subsided. So start with one tea spoon every ten minutes.

If that stays down for an hour or so you can slowly increase the amount. Try a clear electrolyte solution as that is often easiest to keep down and will help hydrate your child. After several hours without further vomiting you can return to small amounts of milk or whatever your child likes to drink before slowly increasing into the usual amounts.

When you do introduce solids, go very slowly, start with something small and simple such as a spoonful of rice cereal or one cracker then wait about 30 minutes to see what happens. If it stays down your child can eat a bit more, the key is to go slowly. I'm Dr. Altman watch all our health smart videos to keep your family going strong.