How to Bring Down a HIgh Fever

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman, it can be downright scary when your child has a high temperature, especially in the middle of the night. Many parents have fever phobia, but it's important to understand that a fever itself isn't a disease, and isn't dangerous. It's just a sign that your child's body is fighting an infection.

If you have a baby under three months of age, with a fever of 100.4 or higher, call your pediatrician right away. Newborns can get very sick, very quickly, and must be evaluated, even if it means a trip to the ER in the middle of the night. For older infants and children, it may not matter much whether the thermometer reads 101 or 103, what's more important is how your child is acting.

And what other symptoms she has, such as coughing or diarrhea if the fever is making your child uncomfortable, you can give an appropriate dose of fever reducing medication, a [xx] medicine can be use on children of any age an ibuprofen is another choice for infants six months of age and older.

In addition dress her in light clothes, keep the air circulating in the room and most importantly, give her lots of fluids to keep her hydrated. Remember to call your pediatrician if your child really looks sick. Has a fever lasting more than three days, isn't drinking fluids, has trouble breathing, severe pain, or anything else, that concerns you, after all, you know your child best.

I'm Dr, Altman, for more ways to protect your kids health check out all our smart tips right here.[MUSIC].