How Much TV Is OK for Kids?

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Hi, Dr. Altmann here with some tips about TV and your kids. How much TV is okay? If your child is younger than two, turn off the TV! The same goes for video or computer games, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. That's because the first two years of life are critical to the growth and development of your child's brain.

And too much television can negatively affect early brain development. Instead, kids need positive interaction with other children and adults. After age two, limit your child to no more than an hour or two a day of educational, non-violent spring time. Make sure programs are age appropriate and always watch or play games with your child, so that you can know the content and discuss it.

This is a perfect opportunity to teach your child life lessons and bring up important topics, such as health and safety. I'm Dr. Altmann. For more tips to raise happy, healthy kids, watch all our health smarts right here. [MUSIC].