For a Smarter Toddler, Skip the Junk Food

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A healthy diet is necessary for a smart brain no matter your age. Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. You know junk food isn't good for the kids health but we don't often talk about what it does to their brains. When toddlers have a steady diet of chips, sweet, and soft drinks, their IQ at age eight, is several points lower than kids with a healthier diet.

Even if a child's diet improves, life long health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, brain dysfunction they often persist. So what can you do to optimize you child's brain power. When introducing solid foods, offer plenty of legumes, beans and peas, along with fruits and vegetables.

If you're planning on becoming pregnant again, give your unborn child's brain the best start even before you conceive. Get to a healthy weight by sticking to a nutrient rich diet and start taking prenatal vitamins with DHL to make three fatty acids. And contrary to popular belief, when you're pregnant, you're not eating for two you need only 10% more calories, to nourish yourself and your growing baby.

I'm Dr. Oz. For more great way to raise healthy kids, check out all of our smart tips right here.