Don’t Let Childhood Cuts Turn into a MRSA Infection

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altmann. Kids fall down all the time and most scrapes and cuts heal quickly but some get infected, and some of those infections can turn deadly. In particular I'm talking about MRSA, the dangerous antibiotic resistant infection that has plagued hospitals for years and is now multiplying in communities.

The number of children requiring hospital care due to MRSA has doubled since 2000. MRSA bugs are everywhere especially in schools and gyms. Most of the time they don't cause trouble but when MRSA bacteria gets into open wounds, it's serious. Here's how to protect your kids. Scood on disinfectant wash your hands before washing your child's cut.

Keep open wounds clean and covered. When your child has a cut, stress the importance of good hygiene and frequent handwashing if you notice growing redness, swelling, tenderness, warmth or puss, call your pediatrician. If it's MRSA your doctor may prescribe a special antibiotic anoitment or an oral antibiotic depending on the severity of the infection.

Caution your children not to share athletic gear and to clean gym machines with disinfected wipes, before and after using. I'm Dr Altmann, for more tips to keep your family safe, watch all our health smarts videos.