All About Ear Infections

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Hey I'm Dr Altman is your child often bothered by ear infections? There are common childhood complains that's painful for kids and distressing parents but not all ear infections are alike. Knowing the different types can help you prevent and properly treat your child's ear infections.

A middle ear infection occurs when a fluid become trapped and infected behind the ear drum. Symptoms include pain, fever and difficulty hearing this kind of infection is more likely when your child has a cold or allergies. So taking steps to prevent cold and allergies also helps sized up this type of ear infection.

Middle ear infections often clear up on their own. But if you have a baby or a toddler or your child symptoms are getting worse or not improving after a few days see your pediatrician. Sometimes antibiotics are needed to clear up the infection. An outer ear infection like swimmers ear occurs when your skin lining the ear canal becomes infected.

It is usually caused by water getting trapped in the ear after swimming or bathing, that creates an environment for bacteria to grow. Outer ear infections are very painful especially when you touch or tag on the ear and they are treated with antibiotic ear drops. Keeping your child's ear dry helps prevent outer ear infection.

Also avoid using a cotton swap to clean the inside of the ear that can cause this type of infection too. I'm Dr Altman, for more ways to raise healthy kids check all of our smart tips.