4 Sports Safety Tips for Kids

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Hi, I'm Dr. Tanya Altman, how many times have you told your kids to go outside and play, getting your kids involved in sports encourages life-long fitness, just make sure your children aren't among the 3.5 million a year who gets sports injuries. Keep these tips in mind so your kids can play it safe, protect their brains, helmets are non negotiable for a number of sports from biking to football.

A helmet can make your child seven times less likely to suffer skull fracture from snowboarding or skiing and could even prevent 85% of bike fatality, make sure your kids get their daily dose of DHA, omega 3 fatty acids, CHA is the key fat in brains that helps with repair, protect their bodies, whether your child plays hockey, soccer or another sport, padding is probably a key part of gear, from shoulder to shin pads make sure your child is protected, avoid heat injuries, help your kids hydrate before, during and after play.

I'm Dr. Altman, for more ways to raise a healthy family, watch all our tips right here.