Why Is Measles Becoming More Common?

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Probably like the third threat that we're watching right now and it's the most contagious disease on earth, Measles. You may not have heard much about Measles but you'll not forget it after the show. Tom, why are measles so contagious? Measles on average, one person with measles if people around them are not infected, will infect about 15 other people.

15. 15. In fact we've studied situations where there has been an auditorium, bigger than this, and one person, infects someone who's more than 100 feet away. In the developing world, it's a leading killer of children. So let me just underline something Measles makes a come back in this country, there have been many cases reported now.

We believe this because a lot of kids are not getting vaccinated, it is one of recipes that you take if you decide not to get back. I know parents can make decision on their own I'm going to I'll beat you about it, but I hate to see this ailment that is the most contagious, that we are speaking about today, make it come back because of bad decision.

Now, some of these thing is treatable, some are not, let's treat the ones that we can treat. I very much appreciate everyone trust in this show. Dr. Elen thank you for joining me, Dr. Frieden for bringing the CDC. The wealth of knowledge to helping us as we end an equation of this show and for all you've done in leading the nation, in that regard [xx] for your work and government and now of course working for CNN and Steve Soderbergh.

Steve for making the movie, for being meticulous, for dragging [xx] out of the shadows where he's working so hard after crafting a movie that got it right that told the story. For more information of the movie and all this you can do including a five step to survive a pandemic DrOz.com We'll be right back everybody.