Is There a Connection Between Vaccines and Autism?

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We're going to have a discussion, I'll be right this, we have the other side of this perspective that Doctor Ari Brown is a pediatrician and spokes person for the American of pediatrics. She's the author of the Expecting 411 series, thanks for running them. This is a big debate obviously, what are your thoughts and what is the thought of the American Association of Pediatrics? Well, my concern is this a delayed vaccination schedule is leaving our youngest most vulnerable babies at risk for very serious diseases.

Multiple studies have shown that there's not a link between vaccines and Autism. The questions have been asked about that since and science come to the table and answered it and we have a decade of research that has looked at this and as an example, there was a 2008 measles outbreak in San Diego where a non vaccinated child developed measles within the doctor's waiting room where other unvaccinated children then got measles, in fact one of those children was too young to be vaccinated and contracted measles and ended up in the hospital and I think those are actually Doctor Bob's patients.

And so this diseases are very real and this are not diseases that we want our kids to have. Let me give Doctor Pateers a chance and then I'll come back one second. Yes. Doctor Brown I just want to echo what I think the concerns of many parents and some doctors is that most of the vaccines studies that show no link between vaccines and autism are funded by the pharmaceutical companies.

If you look at the 23 major studies that have shown no link, eighteen of them are funded by big pharma so, it's no wonder why parents don't trust their research, we need some better research that avoids that. Doctor Brown, I get it, I want this conversation to happen and I'm going to go to Doctor Esman in a second but I just want to say something.

A lot of times the mistake I think we make, is we already know what we think we want to believe, and then we sort of make the information the data meet that. We do it as doctors, so if I'm certain I'm not blaming any one group, we definitely do it as physicians. I am trying to deal with emotional concerns, the fears, the feeling that you are not been heard that's really what I want to get out here, Dr.

Brown, if I can just get a word from you are really sure of someone who just petrified that vaccines can cause autism? Well, what I tell families is this, that you know, you have a car seat for your child, if you chose not to put your child in the car seat for the first six months, so the first two years of their lives, you're just hoping that you're not going to get in a car accident, and that's something you can't control and and the same goes with infectious diseases, this is not something you can anticipate and see coming, and I'll tell you that 60, 000 pediatricians would give you the same answer, and we wouldn't do anything differently for your own kids, that we wouldn't do for ours.

This is a though, I'm going to tell you what I did for my own kids. So, we actually immunize them, but we delay the schedule a little bit but, don't blog yet because I can tell you I've done a lot of homework on this the field has changed, it was hard for me to keep track of the immunization schedule, and I'm a doctor, so, I'm very nervous about people saying I'll take care of it, and we don't take our multivitamins everyday.

You know, we can't do those kinds of things that [UNKNOWN]. My recommendation, is if you can keep track of it and you you're really good at it, then you know what, go to some one like Dr. Sears and have that conversation. But if you're like the vast majority of Americans, what's easier and safer to follow is the American Academy of Pediatric Schedule.

I'm just saying that as someone who's been through the past. It avoids the confusion, it avoids the missed vaccines, and I don't personally think the answer is going to lie there, but I don't know for sure either. We 're going to put this whole schedule on the website, I'm going to take a little break in the action, cool some tempers down and we come back, I've got two more important causes, we already have got one of them done yet, that might be responsible for Autism that we have to discuss today, especially when we have all these experts in the room.

We'll be right back.