Keep Fruits and Vegetables on the Menu to Lower Your Risk for Cancer

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Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Roizen. Have you heard the rumor that podus is a dud for cancer protection and doesn't make you much younger, well don't you believe it. The claim that fruits and veggies offer only weak protection against cancer just doesn't sound right, so I dug a little deeper on the topic.

If you eat six or more helpings of fruits and veggies a day, you could have an 11% lower risk of all cancers, and if 11% doesn't impress you, just think about it this way, if everyone ate just two more servings of fruits and veggies a day, there'd be 2.5% fewer cancers. Too many statistics right, well it stops about 40,000 cancers a year in the United States, and that doesn't even include, the brain, or heart, or joint benefits to help you stay younger still or the fewer wrinkles and better sex.

That's another smart reason to keep sweetening your oatmeal with strawberries, and taking a second helping of broccoli tonight. In fact, you should probably enjoy a fruit or veggie with every meal and every snack, it's great. For more ways to nourish your health and keep yourself young, watch all of our smart tips, they're right here.