How Can I Prevent Cancer?

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People ask me very commonly. Isn't cancer just like bad luck or bad genes? There's really nothing that I could do to help and really nothing could be further from the truth. One, you want to have a lot of cancer-preventative foods in your diet and those go across the whole spectrum, again depending on what you're trying to do.

So, there are a lot of environmental toxins we need to get rid of. So there are foods that increase your body's production of detoxifying enzymes. Those would be the cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, Omega 3s, and the cold deep water fish, flaxseed increase detoxifying enzymes.

Then there are things that help cancer cells die normally, there are big differences between a cancer cell and a normal cell, a normal cell dies when it gets old, a cancer cell just keeps providing further nutrients that can help restore that normal program cell death, that process is called Apoptosis.

So, nutrients that are found in garlic can do that, nutrients found in turmeric, nutrients that are bounded in [UNKNOWN] which comes from the skin of red grapes can help reduce Apoptosis even auto-choke certain nutrients that help reduce that. Then, you want to be within 10% of your ideal body weight, mainly because it's not being overweight itself that predisposes you to cancer, the people that walk around with higher circulating insulin levels have concurrently something called insulin-like growth factor very strong tumor promoter.

So, things that can bring down insulin-like growth factor, things like CLA, which is Conjugated linoleic acid, that's very, very important. Coffee berry helps with the carbohydrate metabolism, that's very important. Then you want to do things to keep your immune system very strong.

Things again like Omega 3s very important for that, certain mushrooms like Shiitake and maitake can help with that. So, those are the really important things people should just include in their diet everyday.