IUD Problems

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Married couple Kelly and Jason are here, so what's your question? Oh my Gosh doctor it's okay, so we have a crazy embarrassing question, we came all the way from Michigan to ask you, so we got to ask. When we're having sex, sometimes he'll get cut on his penis. Is that right? Yeah, it hurts.

I'm sure it hurts. I mean is it related to this sex, the cuts? Yeah, that's the only time they happen. And when did you first notice them? Probably about three years ago when I had first child. Congratulations to the child. Thank you. One obvious possibility is your birth control. I have an IUD.

I love it. It's really simple. I don't have to worry about. not remember to take a pill. I love it love it, but I think it's causing some trouble. I love IUDs too and sort a lot of gynecologists by the way, but I think we may have a couple, how long have you had it on? About three years.

Time [xx] when I was a little bit second child, but. Did the cuts go away when she headed it out? I was in Afghanistan so I don't know. First of all thank you very much for going Afghanistan. That's wonderful. Alright, come on back. IUDs are one of the most effective forms of birth control, but I think you're right, that's our culprit here, let me show you this animation but first I want to warn everybody that you might want to get your kids out of the room, it'll be thoughtful about the fact that we're talking about IUDs now, so if you don't want them to know about it, they shouldn't see this.

And let's go deep into the pelvis and look at the uterus because that obviously what the action is here, there is it right there and turn it sideway and take the front away there is the IUDs, its releasing a chemical progestone that's really important and it's preventing pregnancy but, those strings have to come out in order to retract it, those strings must be cut long enough that they'll sag away, but guess what? If you cut them so short that little spears and those little tips can hurt you plus the whole IUD, it can work its way down and that little area down there can also get sharp.

So you got two different parts of the body, where this could be a problem. So, the same device that's preventing you from getting pregnant, could also be causing those paper cuts. So the question then becomes, what's really happening? Let's go through this in detail. So, the penis is purely delicate.

It's sort of like this. Okay, this is the IUD. You just saw that animation so when it fits in normally, it's fitting in like this, the string is supposed to be coming out, but if your IUD itself has stepped out a little bit, go ahead and move that over here. What it does is. Ouch. Right Don't do it again.

Yeah, don't you can play tic tac toe with this and so this kind of trauma of course can be problematic, it's very easily managed, you take out the IUD and reinsert it in order to make sure it hasn't stepped down and also make sure the string is nice and long at the end and that's [xx] advice, if you've got lots of cuts there you out to take some kind of bacterial cream just to prevent that from being a bigger infection for you because it can be a big headache.

Thank you. Fair enough. Thank you for coming.