Is It Unhealthy to Prevent Ovulation With the Pill?

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Hey Mitchell, how are you? Hi, my question is basically I feel it's unnatural to interrupt my cycle, I feel disconnected with my body and, but I want to prevent cancer, so what do I do? Well that's an interesting way to look at things. If we look over time, and we talked at the beginning of this show about a woman ovulates over 500 times in her lifetime now, if we go back in time women didn't ovulate for such a long period of time, girls are getting menopur they start their periods the younger and younger age, we're having less children and when you're pregnant or breastfeeding you don't ovulate.

So it's actually more natural to have less ovulations over your lifetime women are having today in 2012. So if you look at it that way the birth control pill actually is more of the natural state than, we're in today.