How Does the Birth Control Pill Lower the Risk of Cancer?

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And if your tassels becomes an issue now and uterus is a little deferential, it course the birth control pill prevent the egg from coming out, here we have natural lining of uterus that comes through, but the amount of oestrogen and the [xx] nature and it rises and falls of it can sometimes lead to some small cancers arising within the uterus and those can sometimes grow and prosper as they become endometrial cancer.

This is why we think [xx] it slows the growth of the lining of the uterus, it also inhibits those eggs from being released, so you don't have repetitive areas of damage. I'm thinking this is a very big mindset change for a lot of folks, I'm going to slow down and we'll go through this in some details.

So first of all, how affected is the pill reducing these types of cancers? Well I think we know that birth control pills really reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 50% if the woman takes it at least five years of her lifetime. 50%?50% and what's interesting is that it doesn't matter when you take the birth control pill, that protection lasts a lifetime.

Let me show you the ramifications could look like I'm going to [xx] with Arena. How are you Arena? Put your purple clothes on. So I understand that you were on the pill at some point as well? Yes. And you stopped? I did.And why is that? I stopped because I just didn't feel like it was something I needed anymore and I took it for skin purposes [xx].

Can I ask you how old you are? 31.31? Yes. And this discussion does it make you think maybe there's a benefit for you? Yes quite possibly. Let me show you what your ovaries normally looks like and uterus as well. This is typically what the uterus and the ovaries actually look like and we've shown both in the animation in our prior shows and this ovary is relatively small the eggs that goes through it they're very tiny you can't even see them with your naked eye.

But they will cause scaring which overtime can cause [xx] to [xx] So, this is what an ovarian cancer and what a uterine cancer can go into. Imagine this small structure which is what many of you have inside of you right now drawing into this. So go ahead and touch that [xx] everybody.

It's kind of jelly. It is? always tiny. Can you all see that? You can see it if you get closer to view this? You can see how it looks like that, and it gets quite large.