Does Using Birth Control Reduce My Risk of Ovarian Cancer?

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Using of birth control pills obviously for pre menopausal women is probably the number 1 thing women can do proactively to reduce their own risk of ovarian cancer. We know that women who birth control pills and ideally lower dose birth control pills as opposed to higher dose of birth control pills, can reduce their risk of ovarian cancer by 40-60% depending on how long they've taken them.

The ideal length of time is more than five years, and we know that this risk persists for up to 15 years after women stop taking birth control pills. So while we don't generally prescribe birth control pills with the purpose of reducing ovarian cancer risk, this is a very important benefit to women who take them, particularly if they have a family history of ovarian cancer, or even breast cancer with a BRCA1 or BRCA2 genetic mutation.