Can the Birth Control Pill Prevent Colon Cancer?

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Shocked me did not expect it at all, it turns out that colon-rectal cancer, colon cancer that's what this is, and [xx] towards your heart that is, and there are a lot of people with colon cancer in this country and we believe we can do reduce the instance of the colon cancer by 20%.

If that would were, what would that be? I mean, how can we make a pill that we can now I think explain could reduce the [xx] and urine cancer, how can we explain how it reduces colon-rectal cancer? Well, I think if you hypothesize the same thing that the progesterone in the birth control pill decrease the growth of the cells and the lining of the uterus, the lining of the colon, it may have the same kind of an effect and therefore protect against the cancer of the colon.

What's the ideal age, that you think women should be considering taking a birth control pill in order to get this kind of [xx] how long do they have to take for? Well, five years is the main benefit longer is probably better, and a woman could take the birth control pill any time during the life cycle.

I mean we normally think of women in there 20's most commonly taking the pills, but women in there 40's don't need protection from pregnancy, and are often starting to have irregular troublesome periods so the pill can straighten that out and they will get the cancer protection during that phase of life as well.

I'm just presented with a lot of very provocative ideas about the hormones, and I'm always [xx] by giving people hormones because the implications are quite large in fact you are biding to me in many ways but I think we got so much clear data that totally reduces cancers of the the ovary, uterus, correctol/g area that I want to go to you and find out from you what your questions are, I really want to here as I try to make up mind also.

What are the concerns you may have so we can come up to some consensus about what might make sense for a lot of folks, and especially I want to understand what your fears are about birth control pills in your day to day life so Sandy, why don't you go first if you don'r mind? Go ahead.Yes, does the pill increase your risk for breast cancer? Breast cancer risk.

The question you have to ask. I think the question breast cancer is one that everybody is worried about, everybody should be worried about, because breast cancer is so related to hormone changes, but what we know now from lots of studies done in the last few decades is overall, birth control pills do not change breast cancer risk.