Can the Birth Control Pill Help Relieve Perimenopausal Symptoms?

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High birth control pills to relieve hard flashes of menopause. That's been done reductive waste off, how is this different from taking hormone vision therapy versus the traditional birth control pills we're talking about today? So, for women in their 40s there can be a long period of time called the peri-menopause where their own hormones become irregular, they start having some hot flashes and probably start having irregular or otherwise aggravating periods.

They're also still at risk for pregnancy during that time interval. So the pill gives those hormones in a dose that will control the hot flashes, control the periods and also prevent pregnancy. A little later on when the eggs are all gone there's no need to prevent pregnancy anymore, and a much lower dose of hormone will handle those other problems.

So you take oral contraceptives pills until you're in your menopausal 50, 52, whenever. A woman can certainly take them till 50 or 52 if she is otherwise healthy and appropriate. Yes. Okay, do we know of hormone replacement therapy reduces the incidence of ovarian cancer as well. Hormone replacement does not reduce ovarian cancer.

Does not? Does not. It's always the old fashioned birth control pill the mini versions of it that might be beneficial? Yes.