Why Do Some People with Autism Have Both Developmental Disorders and Remarkable Abilities?

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[MUSIC] what's the explanation for why two children might at the age of one or two be equally impaired with their language and social abilities, but across the ages through childhood and at adolescent follow different trajectories with one child getting much better, and some children have optimal outcomes where they almost become very few but some become almost near normal, even though early on they were impaired, and then others never really seem to improve and may never develop effective functional use of language.

Why is that? So, we have been doing it and we're currently very deeply engaged in trying to understand the different organization, or structure, and function of the brain that leads to or enables a better outcome. If we knew that then we might be able to help kids that don't have a better outcome because some kids do.

So they're telling us how it's done. We need to learn from those kids how it's done so that we can help the kids that would otherwise have trouble. [MUSIC].