Where Can Families Go to Get Financial Help for Autism Treatment?

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Autism treatments and therapies have been a real financial burden for families. Now in some states, some of it was provided through earlier intervention or regional centers such as here in California. Now what is happening is, it's a great idea to have the insurance companies, be responsible for picking up for some of these treatments.

However, what's happening now with all the budget cuts is that in some States like California, the regional centers may be saying, oh well now we don't need to provide ABA because you need to get it paid for through your insurance first. Now I think it's wonderful that we have insurance to pay for some of these things but when you look down the line, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, just released figures of one in 50 school children.

If you think the government is having budget problems now, what do you think it's going to be like for insurance companies? Believe me, I'm all for insurance companies paying, I mean we pay insurance, but the cost is astronomical and if every child with autism is going to have their treatments and therapies covered by insurance.

I have no clue what the financial impact is going to be but it's going can be major everywhere.[MUSIC].