What Is Autism?

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It's a disorder of early brain development and it affects higher order functions, such as a social understanding and social interactions and communication, the ability to comprehend another persons perspective, the ability to interact and feel comfortable around other people, the ability to modulate emotions and use those emotions effectively and to understand other people and the emotions they're displaying.

It begins in the first two years of life in some children. Parents begin to realize something is wrong really early on, and for other parents it's not until the second or third year of life. It's very commonly the first symptoms that people consider to be red flags or something going wrong, is has to do with language development.

So, very commonly totally or not, they are not dabbling normally or they are not learning words, or they are not seeing to understanding and they are not seeming to respond to their name. So, there is a worry about language development. The other thing that really worries parents is that early on they are not showing normal social interactions.

Very often they are preoccupied doing some little thing, not just the little things that babies normally do like spinning things for a little while but maybe spinning things for an hour or half hour, and not stopping and doing the same things again and again, and not caring that mom isn't interested and not trying to show mom.

So, it's that lack of trying to share emotional joy with mom that seems to be the second red flag which is a social flag..