What Are Some of the Common Myths About Autism?

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The first myth that I encountered when I began studying autism years ago, I went to my very first conference, there were lots of moms and professionals there, was that it seemed as though many people thought autistic children didn't have feelings. That they somehow were more robotic than the rest of us and that was a terrible myth.

They do have feelings, they do understand and want to communicate with other people. A very famous autism researcher, maybe almost 25, 30 years ago once said that for me, these children, it's not that they don't want to interact and socialize it's that they don't know how to do it.

Another myth is that autistic children may not really have full comprehension and that they have lower IQs, that's true for some autistic kids, but also for many autistic kids IQs can be quite high, the Rain Man is a pretty good example. It was based on three real people, and I know those three individuals on whom the Rain Man was based.

One of them has an IQ of 142, I tested him.