Treadmill Talks: Link Between Technology and Autism

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Just stories in the recent medical literature that are interesting. One is technology rewires our brains and the other is autism risk is increasing. Are they related? Well maybe. It seems that Autism occurs because you don't drop out, you don't have the normal way of pruning the connections in the brain between ages zero and three.

And may be technology is something to do with the increase in risk because technology increases firing in those connections and may be saps the pruning or defreezes the pruning. What's the bottom line? Well, I don't know what a bottom line should be, not exposing your kids to TV early but there is one other bottom line, if your mom, take your prenatal vitamins three months before you're going to get pregnant which means, since 50% of pregnancies are unplanned, take a prenatal vitamin from age 12 to age 50.

There is 50% of those pregnancies are unplanned. Taking a prenatal vitamin decreases autism risk 40%.