Can Vaccines Cause Autism?

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So the idea that childhood vaccines might be linked to autism really dates back to Andrew Wakefield, and the speculation that the MMR vaccine has something to do with autism, if you go back 70 years that vaccine wasn't being as administered, infer rates were the same. We now know that there was something wrong with that study, Lancet has retracted the study.

I believe 10 of the 12 co-authors on that Wakefield study have withdrawn themselves as authors on the study, and studies that have ben conducted looking into the question of childhood vaccines and autism in the last 10 years or more, that basically come up with the uniform conclusion that there is no link between the one and the other.

So whole population studies in countries like Denmark have failed to find any relationship between those who receive the MMR vaccine and those who get autism. So it seems like they are not related to each other. The fact that the vaccine is given right around 12 or 14 months of age, and autism begins about that age, and in the eyes of parents and clinicians, they're probably largely coincidental.