Can the Brain "Recover" from Autism?

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So we don't know that, so there's no clear path ahead on that, but there are lots of clues. So one clue is that very definitely there are ongoing brain changes. And some of those changes appear to be what we and others will call immunological or neuro-immunological or neuro-inflammatory changes.

It's not clear exactly what they mean. They may signal that in the first or second trimester there were maternal immune activation events that led to cascade of gene and immune system dysfunction that leads to Autism. It could be that this immune activation, has to do with the brain trying to correct the total number of brain cells by getting rid of the excess connections and apps in cells.

What we do seem to see is that an evident we publish is that this is an on going process so autism isn't just something that happen in the second trimester it continues to unfold it continues to change and the brain is not static or stationary. We would like to know what the brain changes are because if we understood those, those would be the points for intervening either with more effective medications as the years go by or with different types of behavioral treatments.