What Is the Link Between Celiac Disease and Asthma?

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Is there a connection between Celiac disease and Asthma? Well, Celiac disease affects about 1% of the population, and causes an abnormal reaction to glutton. As a result, those who have it, often have digestive problems and trouble absorbing nutrients. 60% of those with Celiac also have Asthma.

The connection between the two, definitely needs more study. So what do you think the connection is between the two then? It's complicated, I think it actually has to do with vitamin D, because you can absorb vitamin D, and that may put you at risk for asthma and it also may be that it's an inflammatory disease and inflammation can occur in the lungs.

And something you had also mentioned during our close seg but glutton is in make-up as well? It's in make up, it's in bread, it's in all kind foods you wouldn't suspect so if you do have Celiac you've to be very careful.