Keep a Breathing Diary

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Dr. Miller as a doctor I've got little request, if you have any kind of respiratory condition whether its asthma, COPD or even allergies. Keep a diary of your symptom, here are some of the things to note in your breathing journal, instances of shortness of breath, wheezing or coughing, sneezing or even a runny nose.

Note what's happening when your systems flared. What are you eating? Are you exercising? Is it a day with bad air quality? Often keep track of changes to the amount or thickness of your slum, and note times when sleep problems occur because of shortness of breath, breathing or coughing.

Don't forget to jot down any cases of pain or tightness in your chest. It also helps for your doctor to know the number of times you used your rescue inhaler and how many coughs you take. And make note of any days in the school, work errands or other daily activity because of breathing problems.

With those kinds of important clues, your doctor can give you better care. I'm Dr. Miller check out all of our smart tips for more ways to breath easy and stay on top of your health.