How to Manage Your Child's Asthma

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Hi, I'm Dr. Dr Altman with a tip to manage your child's asthma. It takes a comprehensive strategy to keep your child breathing easy. When you visit the Pediatrician, ask about these issues. Trigger reduction, ask about ways to reduce your child's exposure to whatever seems to trigger her asthma exacerbations or attacks.

Setting up a medication plan. Learn the right way to use emergency rescue medications and long term asthma control medications. Include your child in the discussion, so she knows how to use her medications properly. Creating an asthma emergency plan, share this plan with teachers, the school nurse, family and friends, so that if your child has an asthma attack, everyone knows what to do.

Cost saving methods, don't be shy to ask about how to reduce cost, especially if asthma medication or inhalers are too expensive. Most pharmaceutical companies offer financial assistance. And you can ask the doctor if less expensive generic drugs are an option. Breathe a sigh of relief that science has made it possible for your child to breathe more easily.

I'm Dr. Altman. For more ways to protect your family's health, watch all our smart tips right here.