How Plants Help You Breathe Better

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Hi I'm Dr. Oz with today's health tip. Do you keep those plants around your house or office? Well, that's a smart idea because a little house plant can do mighty things for indoor air quality. Just one plant per 100 square feet is all it takes to absorb volatile organic compounds, these are also known as DOC's.

The DOC's there everywhere there is crops and paint insulation household cleaners and air fresheners. Exposure to these toxins can seem to cause fatigue and headaches in some people. In others, the OC's trigger allergies and asthma symptoms, add a little pot of clodondrunes spider plat or ivy can help clean up your personal environment.

Surrounding yourself with plants also helps sooth stress and keeps your blood pressure under control. For more ways to stay how to live better, stay tuned to check out all of our easy health tips.