Help Teens Manage Their Asthma

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Hi, I'm Doctor Altman with a smart tip if your child has asthma. Getting kids, especially teens to remember to take their asthma medication, and use their inhalers can be frustrating for parents and pediatricians. Almost half of kids who need regular dose of inhaled corticosteroids, don't take what they need at least 25% of the time.

Here's a tool that can help, Digital Reminders. One study found that 93% of teens who are getting text message reminders about their asthma medications that it improved how they handle their asthma. The automated robot calls came from pharmacist and doctors with reminders about taking medication and other health related tips.

Many of these services deliver a patient education text and it turns out teams like those too. You can even have your team record his own reminders on his cellphone or mp3 player. He can even mix in his favorite music. When teenagers control the timing and content of their own reminders, they feel independent and they learn to manage their conditions smartly.

I'm Doctor Altman for more ways to keep your kid healthy, watch all our smart tips, right here.