Have a Smart Asthma Action Plan

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman. Do you or a family member have asthma? Do you know your asthma action plan? That's a personalized color coded game plan based on your personal best peak flow meter reading and the medications you take. The green zone indicates your peak flow readings are within 80%-100% of your personal best, and that you have no asthma symptoms.

So, stay on your maintenance meds to continue breathing well. The yellow zone means you're breathing at 50%-80% of your personal best and you have some asthma symptoms or you're getting sick. Slow down, and if your doc recommends it, use a bronchodilator every 4-6 hours or other inhaled medication to get your breathing back into the green zone.

If that doesn't help call your doctor, if your symptoms worsen or when your peak flow drops below 50% of your personal best you're in the dangerous red zone. This could become a medical emergency. Seek treatment immediately, even if you have to go to the emergency room and keep using your bronchodilator until you are seen, you may need a nebulised bronchodilator or a meterdosed inhalor bronchodilator to breath better.

Working with your doctor to develop a clear asthma action plan puts you in charge. And if it's your child who has asthma, make sure everyone who takes care of him from baby sitters to teachers knows about his asthma action plan, as your child gets older he should understand it too.

I'm Dr. Altman, to keep your family healthy and safe check out all our smart tips..