4 Surprising Asthma Symptoms

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HI I'm Dr. Miller, many people think of asthma as a childhood disease but asthma can develop at anytime. In fact almost half a people with asthma developed it as adult. If you all recognize its symptoms of Asthma and treat them properly, your lungs can suffer damage. Common asthma symptoms include wheezing and coughing but here's some less than obvious signs.

Are you always clearing your throat? That's a sign that something irritating the mucus membrane in your throat, and it could be a sign of asthma. You wheeze or cough after exercise. Exercise is a common asthma trigger. If workouts make you wheeze or cough quite a bit, check with your doc.

Feeling winded after light exercise is another potential asthma symptom, you are always tired. If you airways are swollen, you have to work harder to breath which can make you tired. Many people with asthma frequently complain of feeling fatigue. You often lose your voice, losing your voice frequently, it's probably not a symptom of asthma by itself but if you seem to be hoarse and have other symptoms, your doctor should check it out.

If you're diagnosed with asthma, you can keep it control and still live an active healthy lifestyle. I'm Dr Miller. For more ways to breath better, check out all our smart tips.