How Does Anorexia Hurt Your Heart?

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[XX] to hear the sounds. Do you hear that? It's very faint and it's very slow. Can I tell you something? It's very alarming to me. This is an animation of a human heart. And you can see in this animation, it will come down [xx]. The heart is beating as it's supposed to, and it's beating really slowly, and the electrical powers that go through it, are charging the heart.

They all start from one spot. That pace maker cell, tells the heart to conduct in a very organised rhythmic way. You need certain salts in the body in order to allow that conduction to take place. If you don't have the basic nutrients in the body, including sodium, potassium and the likes, you all of a sudden get this kind of rhythmic, like a bag of worms quavering, instead of a heart contracting the way it's supposed to.

That's what death looks like to me as a heart doctor.