Is It Possible to Recover From Severe Anorexia?

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The four women here are battling anorexia but they're ready to make a change. Two year ago I met a man at the same cross road, I was worried he was too far gone be safe but he proved wrong, his story of recovery, we give all of you hope. I'm Brian and I'm anorexic, in the last year I dropped down to a low of 75, it's the lowest I've ever weighed.

If I don't get some help I will die. I think this is your last chance and Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders in Arizona has agreed to accept you into treatment. Coming to Rosewood was a gift from God. Brian come on out. How does it feel? Pretty incredible. That's a healthy heart beat.

Brian welcome back. Yes. So what does it mean to be here today? I guest first I'd like to say thank you, I mean to be totally honest without the Oz Show there's a pretty good chance I'll be dead right now. Thank you Brian. Thank you. You look good my friend. Thank you. So I asked you to come and help me this time.

Perhaps the wonderful folks that we're going to be talking to in a few minutes we've got a lot of folks at home as well who are struggling with this issue. So, you just heard Janice and Lynn who are as sick today, you probably were two years ago. What advice would you give them? First I'd just like to say that there is hope.

Absolutely. I know exactly, I've heard your stories and I was there and I know it may seem hopeless right now, but this was my turning point when I came on this show and it can be your turning point too. I guarantee it and I speak that directly from my heart. You OK with that Lynn? I want to bring Amanda and Brittney into the conversation.

I'm typically concerned about both of you because you represent so many folks watching this show right know who don't look anorexic but might have an anorexic brain which is where the whole battle is waged. What would you tell this young women? You'd ask numbers whether they become full blown anorexics? I'd say there is 100% guarantee.

This disease is relentless merciless and insidious, once it gets a hold of you, you keep going until you're dead. I can guarantee that. I've been hearing about this ProAno sites I mean I just want to make it a pro-cancer site. It really is. It and even as far as the cancer of the brain, it takes over your life, every aspect of your life, and it takes everything from you, everything which you'll know, and that's where this will lead.

So, Teddy the first step is acceptance, I'd just like to work your magic here Just have a little conversation each of our four women that we are worried about. Yes, Brittney and I talked you know you're 19 years old, and your eating disorder started young. It's started the compulsive over eating side, 196 pounds and what I heard you say from when we were visiting, at one point you said I'm going to die if I don't get some help.

Why do you say that? Because I knew. I knew I felt my body, slowly showing especially at my lowest weight which was at 92 pounds and looking at those girls now, I fear for those girls so much and I know they're going to die. And Brittney now is the time to get help. The longer you starve your brain the less it works and this is the only disease that tells us we don't have it or it's not that bad.

This brain chemistry has it's about to change and you too, young women are at a wonderful place to get some help and I hope that you will be willing to do that. Now, it's not too late for you to because you're breathing in and out. As long as you're still breathing there is hope, there's so much hope for recovery.

So, Teddy, what is your plan. What's the game plan. What would these women do if they really want to change? if you really want to change your life, we have talked to the staff because it's the staff that is going to be under going the hard work and and they're willing to take you.

We would like to end that and give each of you an invitation. It's under shades of Hope and it's not a quick fix. What you're going to have to look at is just doing whatever it takes.