Health Clues from Your Fingernails

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Hi, Dr. Miller here, did you know that a simple way to check in on your health is as close as your fingertips? Your fingernails reveal quite a bit about your past, present and future. If the ridges run lengthwise from the half moon to the tip, my guess is that you're over 40. Fine vertical ridges like laugh lines on your face are one of those unavoidable signs of aging.

The horinzontal lines may signal a health issue, horizontal lines that are deep root maybe a sign of a circulation problem such as raynaud's disease. Horizontal lines can also be a sign of malnourished you could simply need more lean protein and lots of fruits and veggies are the ridges raised? Are your nails scooped like a spoon? This combo is a classic sign of anaemia and points to an iron shortage, but definitely see your doc, since it can also be a red flag for bleeding somewhere in your body.

So next time you trim your fingernails, take a closer look at their condition. Find any changes? Check in with your doctor. For more ways to monitor your health, watch all our smart tips, right here.